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Attention Maryland and Washington DC homeowners!
What you do not know about remodeling contractors and the laws that dictate their behavior could be catastrophic!

What steps can a homeowner take to be protected
from illegal, criminal sales reps?
Before scheduling a sales estimate the homeowner should ask this ONE SPECIFIC QUESTION:
"What is the name and sales license number of the rep who will be visiting my home?"

ANY reply other than the direct answer is reason NOT to make the appointment, period!

In Maryland, as well as the The District of Columbia homeowners should BEWARE of phrases such as:

"He/she doesn't need a license"*
"The company has a contractor license so the rep does not need a license" *
"Our rep is using the company's license" *
"Our rep is taking the license test or applying next week"

Anything but the proper, legitimate reply to the question should be viewed as a RED FLAG!

*Some States like Virginia, as well as others, do not require a separate occupational license to act as a salesperson, so questions regarding the business license and insurance coverages are important and need to be addressed before any other action shold be taken on a home improvement project. 
Remember, in some parts of the USA there is NO HELP available to homeowners who mistakenly place themselves, their family and home in perril, so the homeowner must act as enforcer against a well seasoned, experienced  potential predator who expects no punishment for illegal acts.

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BEWARE of the "pitfalls" that await the uninformed!

Simply geting three,or four estimates is not by itself going to assure a successful project.

Know the steps you need to take for a happy home improvement experience!

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